Testimonials from past and current students


I met Isabel about 25 years ago. I was her student for a couple of years when she started to teach English in El Junquito, Venezuela.

I can remember the classes, they were entertaining, but very extremely well prepared, as a teacher, she was dedicated, always asking us to do our best.

After some many years, I can recognise that Isabel was an enterprising person.  When she opened her English Lab in our town, she got the attention of many people for her knowledge about the English language, the way she taught.  She has the capacity to teach students from different ages, keeping them interested and to make students become friends.

At the moment I’m living in England, I can say I’m very happy and grateful for being her student and be able to say “I do speak English, because I had a excellent teacher”. Being able to speak English gave me the opportunity to travel, to read all the information I needed as a student at University and find a job.

As a student, a friend and a Venezuelan, I am very happy with all the success and recognition she’s having now, it is sincerely deserved.

All my best wishes for you Teacher


Some 25 years ago, I was doing poorly in English at school. My mom, worried about it and decided to look for help. Luckily enough, she found Isabel. At the time, we used to live in the same neighbourhood, a suburb not far from Caracas ,Venezuela.

I have to say, I fell in love with the English language the moment I stepped into her class. Isabel made me feel so comfortable, that it turned immediately into better grades. Her teaching techniques were great and fun. I remember loving to go to her place to attend every class.

Thanks to Isabel, and the impact she had in my life, I became an English teacher myself, I started teaching in my country of Venezuela, but today, I live in Canada and I keep teaching young kids.

Isabel was such a wonderful and caring teacher,  she never let me give up on my learning. I remember as well that even when she moved out to the city, I still kept going to her classes. She would pick me up at my work, then drive me to her place so that I could continue my  English lessons.

I will always be grateful to Isabel for encouraging me,  for teaching me and for just being there for me.

In all, I want to say that Isabel is arguably the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life.

Thank you very very much.



“El curso de “como conseguir trabajo en australia” fue de mucha ultilidad para que pudiéramos tener un trabajo en este país. en especial para personas que como yo acabamos de llegar a australia y buscamos nuevas oportunidades.

La información y material recibido por parte de nuestra tutora isabel, fue muy bien elaborado, claro e interesante.  este curso fue un éxito.

Muchas gracias Isabel por compartir tus conocimientos con todos nosotros.”


“Realmente fue muy grato ese tiempo donde me pude ubicar y poner los pies en el suelo mas claramente.  Puras verdades lo que escuche y aprendi en el taller.  Gracias nuevamente por tu esfuerzo.”  Belinda






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